Our community is experiencing explosive growth that’s good for business and great for living. You picked an excellent time to join in!

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Our experienced team fully administers the Tax Phase-In incentive process and Compliance reporting for the City of Evansville and Vanderburgh County, Indiana. We’re happy to assist your company in identifying applicable state and/or local incentives to start or grow in Greater Evansville. From start to finish, we’re here for you!



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Searching for a site or building in Evansville, Indiana? Look no further. Our team will happily assist you in finding the perfect location. Our property search services are free of charge and project information is kept strictly confidential.

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Our community is experiencing explosive growth that’s good for business and great for living. You picked an excellent time to join in!  Together, we can create a custom incentive plan that best suits your company needs for future growth and success in Greater Evansville, Indiana.

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Location Matters! Our Midwest location offers lower transportation costs and easy access to almost every U.S. market. You’ll see!  As the 3rd largest city in Indiana, we’re the hub for a 26 county 3-state region; representing parts of Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois.

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Greater Evansville Incentives

Real Property and Personal Property tax abatement – Available to eligible companies making significant property and/or building investments and creating new jobs at competitive wages. 

Workforce Training Grants may be available to assist businesses with employee training and skill upgrades required to support new capital investment. Examples may include: on-the-job training programs, recruitment assistance, applicant screening, and job profiling.

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Funding – Property taxes generated from new construction in a designated area that are set aside by the local government and reinvested in the area to promote development.

Utility Business Rebates and Incentives
Reliable, future focused and customized to your needs; that’s what you can expect working with Vectren, a CenterPoint Energy Company. Identify savings opportunities, available rebates, and custom incentive plans.  Dive deeper into potential savings by connecting with Vectren’s knowledgeable Economic Development team, here.

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Opportunity Zone Incentive

A new incentive for investing in low-income areas, Opportunity Zones encourages investment in the City of Evansville by providing a long-term tax advantage to individuals who invest realized capital gains in projects within a zone. Questions? Let’s Chat!

View available properties within Evansville’s Opportunity Zones, here.

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Evansville Enterprise Zone Tax Benefits

Tax benefits for employers participating in the Enterprise Zone program include:

Capital Investment Deduction: Enterprise Zone businesses may receive deductions for qualifying capital investment in facilities located within the Zone. Qualifying capital investments include:

  • purchase or construction of a building
  • purchase of new manufacturing or production equipment
  • costs associated with repair, rehabilitation or modernization of an existing building and related improvements
  • onsite infrastructure improvements
  • costs associated with retooling existing machinery

Employment Expense Credit: This state program offers tax credits for incremental wages paid by zone businesses to employees who reside in the zone. view example

Enterprise Zone Map

Indiana Advantages

Indiana has a top-ranked climate for business and entrepreneurship and a commitment to taking our state to the Next Level. Indiana’s corporate income tax is decreasing from the current rate to 4.9% by 2021. Indiana has a flat state corporate tax rate on adjusted gross income and no gross receipts tax or inventory tax.

A State that Works

Corporate Income Tax Rate - 4.9% by 2021
Individual Income Tax Rate
Right to Work State - Since 2014
Inventory tax

State of Indiana Incentives

Hoosier Business Investment Tax Credit

Provides credit toward a company’s state taxes to support job creation, capital investment and to improve the standard of living for Indiana residents. The amount of the credit is calculated by the Indiana Economic Development Coalition and is based on the company’s proposed capital investment and the economic benefits of that investment.



Industrial Recovery Tax Credit

An incentive for companies to invest in facilities requiring significant remodeling. A building is first designated an industrial recovery site, then companies may qualify for tax credit equal to a percentage of rehabilitation expense.




Headquarters Relocation Tax Credit

Corporations relocating their headquarters to Indiana are eligible for a state tax credit equal to half the moving costs. Eligible corporations will have $100 million or more in annual worldwide revenue the year prior to application, and 75 employees in Indiana after relocation.




EDGE - Payroll Tax Credit

Economic Development for a Growing Economy (EDGE) – Refundable corporate income tax credit is calculated as a percentage (not to exceed 100%) of the expected increased tax withholdings generated from new jobs creation. Credit  is phased in annually for up to 10 years based upon the employment ramp-up outlined.



Next Level Jobs Training Reimbursement

An Employer Training Grant available to help fill in-demand positions within six priority sectors. The grant will reimburse employers up to $5,000 per employee who is trained, hired, and retained for six months, up to $100,000 per employer. Employers must apply, satisfy eligibility requirements and receive and sign a formal agreement obligating grant funding. Learn more!

Locate in the Evansville Region

Our team offers no cost, comprehensive assistance to site selection consultants and corporate location professionals considering the Evansville, Indiana region as a new location. Our Economic Development team can and will facilitate every aspect of the project as site selectors evaluate our area.

Explore sites, buildings and insights about the Evansville, IN region for your growing business! In addition to real estate, our database offers GIS technology data and insights to analyze regional demographics, business and talent. Have questions on how to use our mapping tools? Contact us!

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We recognize that speed, flexibility, and reduced risk are valuable amenities to new location startups. As property managers of Innovation Pointe, we have the unique ability to offer low-cost and immediate startup space in the heart of Downtown Evansville.  Your office at Innovation Pointe will serve as the perfect hangout while you finalize plans to construct or renovate your new location in Evansville.

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