Why Evansville

Just big enough to provide abundant opportunities for prosperity – and just small enough to stand out and make a tangible impact; Evansville is sized for success.

A Buzz Is Happening Here

Residents and visitors alike will tell you there’s an infectious buzz happening in greater Evansville. Join the momentum! We invite you to connect with our region, contribute to the growth and celebrate alongside our welcoming community. After all, e is for everyone! You’ll understand this phrase soon enough…

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Top 10 Place For Business

Coming in at #5, Business Review USA named Evansville, Indiana as one of the top 10 places to do business; stating, “Evansville’s Midwest location, cost of living, tax climate, and strong working relationships between economic development and government partners are just a few reasons that make Evansville an excellent location for business.”

Cost of Doing Business

Sized for Success

The Evansville, IN-KY Metropolitan Statistical Area is home to 348,859 residents with 119,000 living in the City of Evansville; Indiana’s third largest city.

Evansville is the retail, medical, entertainment and transportation hub for a tri-state area – serving southwest Indiana, northwest Kentucky and southeast Illinois.

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Industrial Strength

The Evansville-region has a strong manufacturing heritage and a history of supplying a workforce to meet diverse advanced manufacturing industries including plastics, pharmaceutical and automotive.

Workforce & Talent

Businesses Start and Thrive here

Population within 60 miles
Largest city in Indiana
Population with college degree or higher
Lowest cost of living in US
“The Evansville area is internationally known for its deep plastic industry roots. Its ideal logistic location and availability of highly-skilled workforce with all the skill sets required for plastic manufacturing were a key factor contributing to our decision.”

Sharon Segev
COO, Polyram Group (2017)


Did We Mention Our Killer Location?

Evansville, Indiana’s 3rd largest city, is located 60-miles south of the median center of the U.S. population, resulting in lower transportation costs and easy access to almost every U.S. market.

A "Sweet Spot"

Greater Evansville


Searching for a site or facility in Evansville, Indiana? We’ve got your back. The Growth Alliance team will happily assist you with finding the perfect property. Our nonprofit economic development services are free of charge and project information is kept strictly confidential.

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We combine creative thinking with a “What Will It Take?” attitude to encourage projects to locate in Greater Evansville. Together, we can create a custom incentive plan that best suits your company needs for future growth and success in Evansville, Indiana.



Evansville, located in Indiana’s great southwest, is the hub city for a 26 county tri-state region; representing parts of Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois with a population of 868,00+ within a one hour drive. A highly skilled workforce with a hands-on Midwest mentality is what you’ll be delighted to find here.


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We understand that fostering the development of new innovation-based companies is just as critical to sustainable economic growth as helping existing companies to grow. Let’s make your big idea something real in greater Evansville.


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