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Building a Maker Community

Evansville's makerspace at Innovation Pointe—the Maker Station—enables inventors, tinkerers and entrepreneurs in a workshop which brings access to machinery and industry expertise.  Our goal for the space is to educate new generations of entrepreneurs, provide existing makers a common area to exchange ideas, and connect makers with local companies for prototyping.

Join us

We welcome your involvement at the Maker Station; your participation will assist in future development for the space.

Visit for full details regarding upcoming classes and activity with the makers in the Evansville community.

Available Tools / Equipment

Soldering stations (4): Our soldering stations have everything you need to work on printed circuit boards, repair wires, assemble electronics kits, desolder components from old or broken equipment, and more. Each station is equipped with a soldering iron, solder, rosin, a cleaning scrub, and located near a fume extractor to keep the air clean while you work.

Basic electronic tools: The MakerStation offers several multimeters for troubleshooting circuits, an oscilloscope for testing more advanced electronics, breadboards and prototyping boards for laying out components, a variable power supply, an audio signal generator, and plenty of hand tools for assembling hardware.

Up! Mini 3d printer: This 3D printer is ideal for rapidly prototyping small parts with short print times. The Up! Mini has a build size of 4.75 x 4.75 x 4.75 inches (120 x 120 x 120 mm) and can print with ABS or PLA with a resolution of .2mm-.4mm layer height (200-400 microns).

Flash Forge Creator Pro 3D printer: The FlashForge Creator Pro 3D printer is a highly versatile platform for prototyping. The Creator Pro features a dual extrusion design which allows for parts to be 3D printed using two materials simultaneously. The Creator Pro has a build size of 9 x 5.5 x 5.7 inches (225 x 145 x 150 mm) at a resolution of .1-.3mm (100-300 microns).

Desktop CNC: Need something carved? Our small-scale CNC router features approximately a square foot of work area for carving wood, foam, plastic, and other flat materials! This machine is perfect for smaller CNC projects and enclosures and uses a Roto Zip RZ10 router for the cutting head.

Full Spectrum 40w Laser Engraver: Have an image or design you would like to engrave? Do you have flat parts that need to be cut out of wood? Check out our laser! Our full-spectrum laser cutter is a 40W, 10.6um (co2-line) laser cutter/engraver. It has a work size of 14 x 9.5 inches (24 cm x 35.5 cm) and can engrave or cut flat material.

The laser can vector (.dxf) cut material such as ply or birch wood (up to 7mm thick), acrylic (up to 1cm thick), paper, cardboard or low density fiberboard (up to 5mm thick), and can engrave materials like wood, acrylic, Lexan, ABS, epoxies, fiberglass, silica glass, and more!

31” X-Carve CNC (recently ordered): Our 31 inch X-Carve CNC router/mill (will soon be) perfect for making signs, wooden reliefs, artistic inlays, solder-ready circuit boards, enclosures, and much more. The X-Carve features a 31 x 31 inch (800mm) work area and uses a 300W 24V spindle with a variety of carving and milling bits. The CNC will work with a variety of materials including woods, plastics and acrylics, foam, circuit blanks, MDF, and even anodized metals and aluminum.

Computer lab (recently ordered): We (will soon) have 12 entry-level gaming quality computer workstations with Windows or Linux operating systems for learning programming, Arduino and Raspberry Pi coding, circuit design and electronics, 3D or 2D design and CAD, and much more!

Epson 9800 44” inkjet printer: Our 44 inch inkjet roll printer can print large format imagery such as posters, signage, adhesive decals, designs, and more. We have a variety of papers to print with including matte, photo gloss, adhesive, and heavy duty reinforced signage stock.


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THANK YOU SPONSORS: The Maker Station at Innovation Pointe is proudly sponsored by: AT&T, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana, University of Southern Indiana, Lieberman Technologies & Ciholas |  Get involved! For sponsorship/volunteer information, please contact Andrea Lendy.