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We understand that fostering the development of new innovation-based companies is just as critical to sustainable economic growth as helping existing companies to grow. Let's make your big idea something real in greater Evansville.

“The support and guidance we received during our time at Innovation Pointe not only strengthened our business acumen, but allowed our company to research and develop our products and services at a much higher level.”

Patrick Boarman
Envolve Engineering, Managing Partner

Let’s make your big idea something real in greater Evansville

Startups create more than jobs for our community; they bring innovative ideas, competition, high-tech talent, more wealth and economic stability.

Innovation Pointe is a business incubator designed to foster entrepreneurship offering local resources, workshops, events and affordable work spaces.

Innovation Pointe is a city-owned building, managed by the Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville team.


Innovation Pointe: A Resource Mecca

You’re in Good Company at Innovation Pointe. Designed to further a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in greater Evansville, Innovation Pointe (managed by the Growth Alliance) offers startup office space, coworking space, small business assistance and workshops to start or grow your business.

Collaborate with an extensive network of top business resources under one roof.

Explore Startup Resources

Here are a few tips to get started before meeting with a group or advisor at Innovation Pointe:


Is there a desire or demand for your product? Who is your customer base? What does your competition look like? These are questions you should be asking yourself. Market research helps you zero in on your target customer and identify a strategy to standout in the marketplace.

Market Research Resources


We know you don’t want to hear it, but you really should have a business plan. It doesn’t have to be exhaustive or have all the answers. Think of your plan as a working doc or roadmap that guides your business. Need some help with your plan?

Business Plan Guide


By this step you’ve likely determined the amount of startup funds you’ll need. Now where do these funds exist?
The Evansville community offers several microloans for qualifying startups. Click here to see if your business qualifies.

  • Small Business Administration (SBA): Explore other funding options.
  • Elevate Ventures, Southwest: Contact your local Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Eric Steele
Explore Funding Options

Startup Office Space at Innovation Pointe

Whether you’re looking for a month-to-month lease or multi-year, we have the office space for you!

Located in the heart of Downtown Evansville, Innovation Pointe assists in the creation and growth of new businesses in the Evansville area. In addition to affordable Class-A office space, clients at Innovation Pointe have access to countless amenities at little or no cost.

Office Space

Coworking Space at Innovation Pointe

Working independently, together.

When joining Cowork Evansville, you’re not just joining a space to escape your home office or coffee chain; you’re joining a community of like-minded creatives, independent workers, freelancers, startups and small business owners in a collaborative and supportive environment.

Coworking Space

Maker/IoT space at Innovation Pointe

Building a Maker Community

Evansville’s makerspace at Innovation Pointe—the Nameless Space—enables inventors, tinkerers and entrepreneurs in a workshop which brings access to machinery and industry expertise.  Our goal for the space is to educate new generations of entrepreneurs, provide existing makers a common area to exchange ideas, and connect makers with local companies for prototyping.

Join in!

Join in!

It all starts at Innovation Pointe. Check out the latest events and workshops in Greater Evansville to start or grow your business.

Events & Workshops