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Our economic development team connects businesses, talent, ideas, and experts to elevate the economic prosperity of Greater Evansville.

Abby Elpers

Marketing Communications Manager

This veteran employee has been with the Growth Alliance for 9 years, 10 months, and around 18 days…but who is counting? Abby is such a pro at what she does, her name quickly became a verb around the office.

Abbyize (Abby-ize): To make something aesthetically pleasing to one’s eye. This is exactly what Abby does to any marketing material she touches for the Growth Alliance. Always strapped with a positive and pioneering spirit, there’s nothing this future thinking creative can’t do!

Ask Abby about: marketing related inquiries, media relations, Evansville branding,  Self.e Alley, Newcomers’ Guide, Cowork Evansville

Did you know that Abby is one helluva greeting card maker? Forget Hallmark! For any occasion, Abby is THE card designer in our office. She’s not bad at designing insta-worthy mural alleys either. 😉

Stephanie El Tawil

Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Stephanie is a certified Nerd Wrangler (self-certified), and THE Captain of Fun. As part of the team, Stephanie focuses on Cowork Evansville growth and engagement, development and growth of the Makerspace (at Innovation Pointe) with IoT focus, and Innovation Pointe tenant collaboration. She also promotes and supports regional entrepreneurial efforts.

Ask Stephanie about: MAKE IT Evansville (makerspace) workshops and events,  how Cowork Evansville could be right for you, and how to support entrepreneurship efforts in the community.

Did you know?  Stephanie is constantly working on her 100 year old house. She hates coffee, but will never turn down a Chai. And she once met Robert Plant in a Waffle House parking lot.

Andrea Lendy

Business Development Manager

You’ll never meet someone more jazzed about life than Andrea. Though she may be overly positive and happy (we’re teasing!), Andrea enjoys helping others and she’s great at it, too! In her role, she provides resources to assist with the survival and growth of established businesses in Vanderburgh County. Meet with her! Contact Andrea regarding your possible expansion, workforce needs, Tax Phase-In and Compliance reporting, the Downtown Design Review process and upcoming entrepreneur events.

Office Nickname: BIG HUNGRY

What Andrea thinks about her office nickname: “It’s endearing. They know me well!”

Celia Shoulders

Facility Operations Manager

This spunky lady runs the show at Innovation Pointe – a high-tech business incubator managed by the Growth Alliance. From facility maintenance and repairs to tenant management and tours, Celia is the go-to for all things Innovation Pointe.

Ask Celia about: office space for rent at Innovation Pointe, facility maintenance at Innovation Pointe

Secret about Celia (shh…): when meeting with Celia in her office, you may spot a hunky photo of her celebrity love, Matt Damon.

Ashley Riester

Office Manager

Ashley is likely the friendly face or welcoming voice you’ll hear while visiting or calling the Growth Alliance office. She provides assistance to the Growth Alliance staff, Innovation Pointe tenants and Cowork Evansville members on a daily basis. As our newest employee, she is an excellent addition to the team! Don’t let that mohawk fool you, Ashley knows how to have fun! 😉 With a background in Theatre and Event Management, she is a Master plate-spinner (figuratively! Her wife doesn’t let her practice the real thing at home anymore!) and is always willing to go the extra mile for our clients and guests.

Ask Ashley about: Innovation Pointe office space and meeting rooms, Cowork Evansville tours and memberships, billing inquiries or general information about the Growth Alliance

Her Kryptonite: pictures of dogs, anything Disney, Show Tunes, and all things pumpkin spice

Hooray for Interns!

Hooray for Interns!

Megan Cassidy

Marketing Intern


Hooray for Interns!

Xenia Adames-Chanis

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Intern


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