Pillar Innovations Expands into Vanderburgh County

Vanderburgh County, Ind. (November 5, 2014) - The Vanderburgh County Council and economic development partners at the Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville are pleased to announce that Pillar Innovations, LLC, a recognized leader in mine support, serving customers nationwide, will expand manufacturing operations in greater Evansville.  Currently employing 20 full time workers, Pillar plans to add 15 new full-time positions by 2017.

Located on Wedeking Avenue, Pillar will expand manufacturing operations by moving to a 19,800 SF warehouse, located at 9844 Hedden Road in Vanderburgh County.

"Pillar Innovations chose Evansville, Indiana for its expansion primarily because we have found an excellent workforce to build our team with," said Eric Guthrie, Pillar Innovations Assistant Manager for Operations. "We believe Indiana's Right-to-work, business friendly environment will be key to our company's success."

Pillar Innovations, LLC is headquartered in Grantsville, MD and operates five additional locations within the United States. Pillar provides industrial construction and maintenance services including automation, electrical engineering, fiber optics, and equipment rental support to customers nationwide.

"The Council congratulates Pillar Innovations, LLC on their plans to expand and add jobs in Vanderburgh County," stated Tom Shetler Jr., President of the Vanderburgh County Council.

The company plans to invest approximately $315,000 in personal property, $845,000 in real property improvements and create 15 new jobs, paying above the county wage.  The Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville has suggested an incentive package that includes 5-year tax phase-in on personal property and 10-year tax phase-in on real property.

The positive economic impact generated from this project for Vanderburgh County totals in excess of $5.1 million per year, over the next 10 years.