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Fresh out of college or retirement age, more people are moving to and settling down in the Evansville region.

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In the last 5 to 10 years, the Evansville region has undergone extensive growth and revitalization and it’s been driven by people just like you. The Evansville you once knew has been reimagined. Have a look!

Welcome home to Evansville

Fresh out of college or retirement age,  more people are moving to and settling down in the Evansville region.

Ranked #1

The 10 Hottest Cities for Young Millennials – brings you a list of the top 10 cities young millennials are choosing to settle down in, with Evansville being the #1 spot.

Top U.S. City for Early Retirement

50 Great Places for Early Retirement – The affordable cost of living for retirees in Evansville is 6.4% below the national average. Plus, as Kiplinger points out, we’re a cultural hub surrounded my endless entertainment opportunities to enjoy.


Cultural Districts

Listen to live music, grab a craft beer or some local produce, take a free yoga class, or simply relax at a coffee shop in Evansville’s five cultural districts.

Downtown Evansville, Haynie’s Corner, West Franklin Street, North Main / Jacobsville, U of E / Surrounding Neighborhoods

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We’re golf-watching, museum-going, and festival-eating kind of people! No matter your age or interest, there’s something for everyone in Evansville.

 Kid-friendly attractions


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Over 12 trails, 65 parks, 11 bike share locations, 19 golf courses within 20 miles and a state-of-the-art aquatic center under construction, being active in Evansville has never been easier.

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