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From connecting to workforce programs and grants, to developing relationships with universities, identifying sites, buildings and local incentives the Growth Alliance is here for your business.

“We are grateful for the forward-looking leadership style our community leaders have exhibited which will allow us to take our company to the next level of performance and service.”

Rick Kaskel
CEO and board chairman of EnCom


How can we help?

There are many ways the Growth Alliance can assist new and expanding companies in the City of Evansville and Vanderburgh County, but one of the most valuable ways is continuing to be a knowledgeable and trusted resource.


  • connect to workforce programs and grants
  • develop relationships with universities
  • identify local sites and buildings
  • discuss local incentives and possible state incentives
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Andrea provides resources to assist with the survival and growth of established businesses in Vanderburgh County.

Contact Andrea regarding your possible expansion, workforce needs, Tax Phase-In and Compliance reporting, the Downtown Design Review process and upcoming entrepreneur events

Contact the Growth Alliance Before:

  •  Purchasing new equipment
  •  Hiring new employees
  •  Training your employees

Your company could qualify for local or state incentives! Meeting with the Growth Alliance to discuss opportunities is free. All project information is kept strictly confidential.


View local recovery loans, grants and matching grant funds for Vanderburgh County businesses.

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Your expansion plans could qualify for local or state tax incentives. Our consultation services are free and confidential. Let’s chat!

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Local Business Resources

Our team is knowledgeable and maintains relationships with many local and state resources. We’d be happy to connect you to workforce programs, funding opportunities and local resources.

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View our database of available sites and commercial buildings in Greater Evansville, Indiana.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tax Phase-In (often referred to as Tax Abatement)?

Tax Phase-In allows for the gradual phasing in of new real and personal property tax that has occurred due to an increase in assessed value of a building and/or the purchase of equipment. In a Tax Phase-In, any incremental tax (above current tax base) owed due to construction of or improvements made to the building and/or purchase of certain equipment occur in graduated steps. Full taxes on these improvements would commence after the allotted time.

Will my company/project qualify for tax incentives?

The Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville is contracted by the City of Evansville and Vanderburgh County to administer the Tax Phase-In process for new and expanding businesses. This is a temporary reduction of taxes (real and/or personal property) over a period of time to encourage economic development. The abatement period is objectively determined by a point system, which is influenced by the factors below. Company representatives interested in applying for tax phase-in are encouraged to contact the Growth Alliance to discuss their project and determine eligibility at no cost. Office: 812-401-4243  | Email Andrea Lendy

Qualifying Real Property investments

Qualifying investments for improvements for construction, rehabilitation, or redevelopment of property/dwelling

Qualifying Personal Property investments

Qualifying new manufacturing, research and development, information technology and logistics/distribution equipment that is used directly in production, research and development, or logistical distribution.