Evansville PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

Are you in need of Personal Protective Equipment (face masks, face shields, and ear savers)?

GOOD NEWS. Our community of Makers is here to help the Greater Evansville community with 3D printed PPE!

Several members of the greater Evansville community are actively 3D printing PPE for essential and transitioning non-essential workers in need, at NO COST. Simply complete the REQUEST PPE FORM below and a donor will be in contact with you shortly. To view images of the 3D printed Personal Protective Equipment offered, click on AVAILABLE PPE.

Would you like to donate 3D printed Personal Protective Equipment to essential and transitioning non-essential workers in need?

First of all, THANK YOU!

If you are interested in utilizing your 3D printer and materials to produce PPE for the greater Evansville community, please compete the DONATE PPE FORM below. A coordinator will reach out to connect you with the other community makers.

We’re IN This Together!

Available PPE

Particulate Mask

This mask uses a standard 1.5”x1.5” filter or a 2” x 2” piece sandwiched between the cover and mask. If an N95 filter is not available, manufacturing grade paint filters, HEPA air filters, and vacuum bags might be the best substitutes that we can find. The best filter material we have tested thus far is the Kirby Micron Magic Plus vacuum bag.

Mask Clip (Ear Saver)

To save your ears from being rubbed raw from elastic.

Visor Mounted Face Shield

There are several visors available. There is a version with a closed top if that is needed. It is much less adjustable than the open versions. Some have 3 holes and some have 4 or 6 which may be needed to keep the viewing area clear in the exact area you need it. Also, some might be more comfortable for different tasks and different shaped heads. You may wish to add padding if it is allowed. Depending on where you are working, you may need a longer mask.

Using 3D Printed Masks and Face Shields

Project led by Ivy Tech Southwest.

Thanks to our sponsors!