Work Ethic Certificate for EVSC Students

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The Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation understands that tomorrow's employees are today's students, and that's why they encourage all students to sign up for the Governor's Work Ethic Certificate program.

OptIN is working with our region's community leaders and largest employers to create the EVSC's version of the Governor's Work Ethic Certificate (GWEC). The Work Ethic Certificate is a college and career readiness opportunity that allows EVSC students to identify, develop and demonstrate transferable skills that are in demand by local employers while in high school.

Watch this video with Governor Holcomb, Mayor Winnecke, and Superintendent Smith to learn more about how the EVSC is helping students get to the #NextLevel. For more information, visit the EVSC website.

Apply for the Work Ethic Certificate Program by talking to your EVSC school counselor or emailing,

What is EVSC's OptIN Program?

OptIN; Opportunities through Partnerships that Transform and Inspire, will educate students on their options - either post-secondary or career - that best match their interests and strengths, and will give them a clear path for success.

  • Help students develop essential, in-demand skills that are necessary in today’s workforce that are aligned with students’ interests and strengths
  • Increase student engagement in school
  • Give students a clear path for graduation
  • Match EVSC students with high-quality employers
  • Educate students and parents on the career options available to them and the skills necessary to be a successful employee