Neon Mural Adds to the Vibrancy in Downtown Evansville


Neon Lights

Self.e Alley, and the newest mural underway in it, adds to the vibrancy of downtown Evansville.  Mural #2 is a collection of what appears to be neon signs or images — some representing places or experiences in Evansville.

“What’s unique about this mural is the illusion that the signs really are dimensional and glowing,” states Abby Elpers.  “The artist, Michael Smith from Orange Moon Art Studio, is using neon spray paint and fluorescent airbrush paint, which emits a glowing appearance, and will glow even more with a black light.”

The neon mural exhibiting the phrase You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be is the design work of Growth Alliance employees, Abby Elpers and Ashley Riester.

“We were intentional with the placement of the art;  you’ll notice we placed a dinosaur, a giant ice-cream cone and other playful images down low knowing children would want to interact with the designs,” says Elpers.

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Neon Lights_neon mural downtown Evansville

Neon Lights Mural – Located in Self.e Alley – Completed on 10/6/2020


Self.e Alley is a quality of place project by the Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville. Located at 318 Main Street (Innovation Pointe building), the alley is about celebrating the Evansville community, boosting pride, increasing our city’s quality of place, and connecting with the e is for everyone regional brand.



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