What is the Most Helpful Resource in Evansville for Startups?

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Name one resource in the Evansville community that has been helpful for your startup...

"It's probably the most interesting spot in Evansville today" - Hadi Yousef, founder, Borsa Finance

"They continually provide help and it’s been very nice having the resource in the community." - Travis Reese

"Since moving back to the Evansville-area I made a point to connect with like-minded people who were all about innovative growth and the business world in Evansville...."  - Jenna Murillo, WorkSpacery

Four out of seven panelist agree, Innovation Pointe is the #1 resource (among many) in the community for startups. To hear all the remarks from local entrepreneurs, fast-forward to 25:50 mark in the video above.

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