Mask Order in Evansville – When, Where & How to Mask Up!

Mask On

Download Signed Executive Order 

All Indoor Public Spaces, including public transportation

Example: Individual waiting in the lobby of a doctor’s office.
Example: Individuals shopping or employees working in a retail store.
Example: Patrons of a restaurant or entertainment venue when not seated at a table.
Example: Riders or drivers of a public bus.

Educational institutions except where students and faculty can be appropriately socially distanced

Example: Students sitting in a classroom where the desks are not 6 ft apart.
Example: Students or teachers walking down the hallway in the presence of others.
Example: Outdoor situations when social distancing is not an option
Example: Fans of different households at a baseball game that are not seated 6 ft apart.

Mask Off Exemptions

View list of Mask Exemptions, here.


Spread the word. Not the virus.

Here’s how you can help! Download the MaskUp toolkit with #MaskUpHoosiers logos, profile photos, and signs for you to customize and share. Together, we can combat misinformation and encourage everyone to stay safe, mask up, and make a difference.

How to Update Your Facebook Profile Photo with the #MaskUpHoosiers Frame:

Follow these step-by-step instructions to add a frame to your Facebook profile picture that shows your support for #MaskUpHoosiers.

1. Visit the frame page on Facebook.

2. Select your #MaskUpHoosiers frame.

3. Consider adding a caption in the description box about who you wear you rmask for or why you choose to wear a face mask.

4. Choose how long you want the frame to be applied to your profile photo.

5. Click the “Use as Profile Picture” button beneath the image.