Evansville’s Quarion Technology Wins Pitch Contest at Innovation Showcase

Aric Pryor, president of Evansville based Quarion Technology, walked away with the $10,000 grand prize for his startup pitch at the 10th annual Innovation Showcase in Indianapolis.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.— October 29, 2018 — With hundreds of startup companies from across Indiana vying for the chance to prove their startup’s merit, Aric Pryor’s five-minute pitch brought home the win and a check for $10,000 for Evansville-based Quarion Technology. The 2018 edition of The Innovation Showcase marks the 10th anniversary of the annual event hosted by the Indiana Venture Club and the Heritage Group. The event was developed for Indiana-based startups to give them an opportunity to showcase their marketing and promotion skills, as well as generate buzz for their burgeoning business ventures among venture capital firms, business executives, and entrepreneurs from across the Midwest.
Prize worthy pitch
In his five-minute pitch, Pryor delivered on the contest’s goal of explaining the problem, describing the market, explaining the solution, and outlining delivery of the solution in a clean and concise manner. With a solid bench of industry and market professionals backing him up, Pryor’s pitch checked the judges boxes by his demonstrated ability to identify and develop a solution for the tens of thousands of forklift / motor lift related accidents, incidents, and injuries that annually result in approximately 85 fatalities. The win and prize money will provide a boost to Quarion’s marketing and sales efforts as they continue to expand their market reach.

Quarion Technology
Founded in 2015, Quarion Technology is an Evansville based technology company that has developed market disrupting technology focused on proving real-time three-dimensional tracking and control of motor lift equipment with the goal of eliminating associated accidents, injuries, and property damage. In addition, the technology generates critical process data that can lead users to uncover greater process performance and productivity. What starts as safety transitions quickly to ever greater efficiency and profitability for firms seeking a competitive advantage in an ever more competitive marketplace.


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