Evansville, IN Mural Map

Believe it or not, Mural Art is an Economic Development Tool.

Mural art tells our community story, bolsters pride in citizens, excites tourists, and generates a concrete sense of place.

Many all over the world are finding that street art engages and empowers their communities! This is why our team at the Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville has embarked on a journey to create, capture, catalog, and celebrate interactive art in Evansville!

Each point on the map is clickable, with a photo, description and sometimes a link to a story about the mural.

Use our Mural Map to embark on a self-guided tour around Evansville! And don’t forget to use the hashtag #EisforEveryone to share your journey on social media!

This map is by no means comprehensive. The beautiful thing about art is that is it ever-changing! And we will do our best to keep the Mural Map up-to-date as more art emerges in Greater Evansville!

Please feel free to contact us with suggestions as you explore!


Interested in the Evansville Art Scene?

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