Evansville is a Great Place to Start a Company

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According to Heliponix© startup founder, Scott Massey, “Evansville is a great place to start a company.” We know what you’re thinking, and we agree, Evansville doesn’t exactly scream Silicon Valley of the Midwest. Scott’s opinion of Evansville as a place to grow his hydroponic appliance startup wasn’t promising in the beginning either; he changed his mind though. Learn more about Scott’s entrepreneurial journey and how Evansville is home for his startup company on medium.com.

Evansville; it is not a good place to start a company… it’s a great place to start a company.” It is uniquely large enough to have the means to fund a startup company, but not so large that the means become unobtainable to newer companies. The cost of living combined with these resources will triple to quintuple how far your dollar will go as opposed to a startup in a major city.

I now proudly say that Heliponix is based in Evansville, and we intend to stay here for the foreseeable future. We will continue to directly and indirectly create new jobs as operations expand. This only leaves one question from me to you, “Why not stay in Evansville?”.

– Scott Massey, Founder and CEO of Heliponix©