Envolve Engineering Sets Up Shop in the Community

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (April 16, 2019) – From startup to scaleup, Envolve Engineering is proud to announce their move from ­­­­­incubator space at Innovation Pointe into a 5,000 sq. ft. facility at 421 East Sycamore Street.

“The support and guidance we received during our time at Innovation Pointe, not only strengthened our business acumen, it allowed our company to research and develop our products and services at a much higher level,” stated Envolve Managing Partner, Patrick Boarman.

Envolve Engineering was launched six years ago by four engineers with leadership positions in the global refrigeration and appliance design industry. The partners, Michael Stagg, Greg Hortin, Garett Strandemo, and Patrick Boarman – recognized the opportunity at Innovation Pointe which symbolized the team’s efforts in starting a business in their hometown. The firm has grown from eight employees to 11, with plans for more growth underway. Envolve offers expertise in plastic part design, metal forming and finishing, rapid prototyping, electronic design, sensor and software development.

Two years ago, Envolve increased its footprint with the formation of CES Labs LLC which specializes in sales, service and maintenance for ultra-low temperature and specialty refrigeration systems, along with remote cellular monitoring for those products. Remote monitoring complements a specific niche in the tech industry, namely systems that store valuable pharmaceuticals, medical tissue, and research material.

Shortly after CES Labs was formed, Envolve acquired a majority position of Cellemetry Solutions, Inc. Cellemetry Solutions provides cellular monitoring for industrial applications including liquid and compressed gas tanks – and grain bin CO2 monitors.

An excellent example of Envolve’s recent development efforts is their patented Comar Electric energy efficient replacement icemaker which is manufactured in the United States.

“Envolve’s evolution from a startup to at Innovation Pointe to a scaleup company at a standalone facility illustrates not only the success of Envolve’s business model, it demonstrates the importance of incubators in providing the type of environment that nurtures and helps businesses grow and prosper,” said Evansville Mayor Winnecke.

The firm’s recently purchased and renovated facility–located within the Evansville Enterprise Zone– is designed to meet the technical needs of the growing business.  The new location includes specialized lab space utilized for clients, in-house projects, as well as continued research and development pursuits.

“We are proud to have positively influenced the local economy by partnering and advancing local tech companies and resources in the professional sector,” said Greg Hortin, managing partner at Envolve. “We want to continue creating excitement in the industry by recruiting local talent and expanding on the strong foundation we’ve achieved which will generate positive results for our employees and the community of Evansville.”

Envolve’s state-of-the-art facility is complete and a ribbon cutting will be scheduled soon.

Envolve Engineering Evansville Startup Success at Innovation Pointe

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About Envolve Engineering

Learn more about Envolve Engineering LLC:   www.envolve-engineering.com

Learn more about CES Labs LLC:    www.ces-labs.com

Learn more about Cellemetry Solutions Inc.:   www.cellemetry.biz

Purchase Envolve Engineering’s replacement icemaker, patented and designed by Envolve, manufactured in the USA by Molon.  https://www.amazon.com/Comar-Electric-TIM-10427-01-Replacement-Refrigerator/dp/B07D4MDKY6

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