Call for Instructors at MAKE IT Evansville – Community Makerspace

It’s time to start MAKING, Evansville!

And we need your Help!

Here’s the deal.

We re-opened the doors to our makerspace, MAKE IT Evansville on December 12, 2019 and kicked off programming with a literal BOOM (think DIY confetti cannon)!! Our first courses offered training on the existing equipment in the space, including Intro to 3D Printing, Intro to CNC X-Carve, and How to Solder.

Crafting a second wave of courses is where we need assistance from you, the Greater Evansville maker community!

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Call for Instructors

Our makerspace has an “IoT edge.” What does that mean? IoT or Internet of Things is a massive, overarching phrase that refers to many types of activity and several areas of industry. In its simplest form, Internet of Things can be thought of as taking something analog and making it digital. Usually, that process involves some form of automation, basically a trigger or sensor sets an action in motion or its cloud controlled, meaning it’s monitored and controlled from a central hub. Most of us see this from our smart devices, like when we turn up our thermostats from our smartphones while sitting in a restaurant, but overall, it’s not the most familiar concept.

So, we slowly introduced courses such as Everything Arduino and Intro to Android Apps to ease into more technical topics and workshops while still connecting to a wider audience (#pun intended). And it worked well. Everything Arduino was ramping up in attendance. We had participants from Louisville, KY, Owensboro, KY and Crane, IN make the drive every month to learn from our volunteer instructors and now we’re ready to introduce additional tech to the greater Evansville community.

We need your feedback and expertise to guide our 2021 courses

  • Do you have advanced knowledge or expertise that you’d like to share or teach?
  • Are you interested in organizing a group project or build?


Call for Instructors!


We’d love to connect with you and help design a course and/or workshop to present at MAKE IT Evansville.

Examples: Raspberry Pi, iOS Electricity Basics, 3D Design Basics

Not a technical expert? That’s ok! MAKE IT Evansville is a learning space and we welcome instruction in traditional Making, Crafting, Upcycling and much more. Please contact us with your participation or instruction interests!

Contact: Stephanie El Tawil (email), (812) 401-4243