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2018 Annual Report

Q1 Activity Update | Q2 Activity Update | Q3 Activity Report2018 Annual Report

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2017 Annual Report (View Online)

Highlights: Uber launch, business expansions, welcoming newcomers, survey results, a cultural districts trolley and plans for growth -- we've got it all in our 2017 Annual Report!

With help from our public-private partnerships and investors, 2018 promises continued economic growth and increased vitality for Greater Evansville.

2016 Annual Report

Highlights: 283 New Jobs Created, 183 Retained Jobs, $50 Million in New Capital Investment | Expansion of eLuxury Supply, DSM Engineering Plastics, FedEx Ground & Shield Global Partners  | Coworking Space Success |  Upping the Cool Factor of Coding in Local Middle Schools, AND MORE!


Annual Report


Annual Report


Annual Report


Annual Report