USI Partnership

The University of Southern Indiana, (USI) played a key role in the formation of the Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville, (GAGE) and has since become the higher education partner of the organization, helping improve the entrepreneurial and economic development culture of the region. USI does this by providing educational programming, access to university resources, and economic development tools.

In addition to two classrooms and a computer lab, USI has constructed a new state-of-the-art Innovation Space and Idea lab at Innovation Pointe which have been made available, with facilitation services, to regional businesses and boards for strategic activities. Technology offered includes LCD projectors, large screens, interactive white board, sound system and microphones. USI provides support services for events held within USI Innovation Lab and classrooms at Innovation Pointe, including receptionist, word processing, and photocopying. Innovation Lab includes a catering kitchen, for use in serving refreshments. The downtown has several coffee shops and restaurants within walking distance.

Gene Recker is USI’s manager of education and entrepreneurial support. Based at Innovation Pointe, Gene is responsible for maintaining the relationship between USI and the Growth Alliance, for ensuring that Innovation Pointe clients have access to university resources, and for the on-site delivery of university programs. He can be reached at or (812) 492-4394.


The I-69 Innovation Corridor is a consortium of individuals committed to build a robust regional economy that focuses on the new terrain I-69 and the existing I-64 region in Southwest Indiana.  The consortium was launched two years ago to explore products and programs under the following initiatives: Brainpower, Branding Experiences, Civic Collaborations, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Networks, and Quality Connected Places.

The Innovation Corridor is a collaboration led by the University of Southern Indiana with key civic and business stakeholders in 11 core Indiana counties and participants from 16 counties in Indiana and Kentucky.   “The I69 Innovation Corridor Consortium is already helping to establish entrepreneurial networks and provide a regional framework for collaboration. The consortium is working to develop a regional brand for innovation that builds on existing assets and talent,” stated Debbie Dewey, President of the Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville. 

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